How AfricandiScore helps companies reduce the cost of B-BBEE compliance

AfricandiScore helps companies achieve their B-BBEE compliance targets

AfricandiScore is a software enabled B-BBEE support service. Africandi’s team of B-BBEE experts helps end-users upload data into their own software account.

AfricandiScore calculates your B-BBEE scorecard and our team of B-BBEE experts guides you through options to achieve your target B-BBEE compliance level.

AfricandiScore clients have 24x7 access to their B-BBEE scorecard, targets and plans.

AfricandiScore supports you from start to finish

With AfricandiScore, our team of experts help companies overcome the common challenges associated with collating data required for a scorecard calculation. Data is easily uploaded into a AfricandiScore software account to calculate a B-BBEE scorecard.

AfricandiScore helps our clients manage, plan and optimize their B-BBEE compliance. The preparation of data and evidence required before scorecard verification is managed digitally from within AfricandiScore.

Once the scorecard is ready to be verified, AfricandiScore will source a verification agency that offers a cost-effective, digital scorecard verification solution.

Digitise to simplify and reduce cost

AfricandiScore is a service offering under pinned by the country’s most established B-BBEE software company, Africandi.

AfricandiScore is a virtual B-BBEE solution that includes on-demand access to some of the country’s most knowledgeable B-BBEE specialists.

Because AfricandiScore is a digital solution delivered virtually, we deliver a really cost effective one-stop B-BBEE solution for Small and Medium size companies.

Only pay for what you need

AfricandiScore is offered in different packages. We let companies decide for themselves what they are prepared to pay for, when.

Select a AfricandiScore package that meets your business needs and budget. Upgrade to a premium package as and when required.

AfricandiScore is flexible and configurable. Add extra consulting or support services onto any AfricandiScore subscription option. Why pay for expensive retainers when you can pay less for AfricandiScore?

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